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tv   CBS 5 Early Edition  CBS  July 1, 2011 4:30am-5:00am PDT

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are expected to watch the royal couple ride in a horse-drawn carriage for canada day festivities. next friday, they fly to california. >> cheaper is always better. why you will be paying a little less on your shopping trip starting today. your realtime captioner is thousands of people who linda marie macdonald. normally take the ferry to work good morning. are out of luck today. a major ferry strike right before the big holiday weekend. we'll tell you what ticket the upgrade that is forcing sellers are so upset about and what you can do if you normally thousands of commuters to find another ride to work today. take the ferry coming up next. not doing their jobs and and pg&e came forth yesterday announcing that then lying about it. pg&e's shocking admission about dozens of employees may have skipping crucial inspections. falsified recollections about good morning, it's friday, july inspecifications under -- 1. i'm grace lee. >> did you say it's friday? inspections about underground facilities. i'll have the repercussions in >> it is friday. >> that's much better. a live report coming up. you just said it's friday. and wrong name wrong date but he still jumped on a jet. >> wait until 6:30! [ laughter ] the security lapse that let a >> 4:30. i'm frank mallicoat. stow away fly across the you have four happy people country and how they finally here. we have a beautiful holiday got him caught. ,, ,,,,,,,,,,,, weekend ahead. and it's flied. >> going to be hot. >> yeah. it really is. it's going to be scorching hot. if you want a hot weekend, the
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4th of july weekend is the time to do it. high pressure building in, temperatures soaring this afternoon as high as the 90s into concord, 80s in san jose, 70s around the bay. you get the idea, temperatures could be near 100 this weekend. we'll talk more about that in a moment. right now let's check traffic with elizabeth. >> let's go outside live towards the golden gate bridge. they hinted at it but there is no golden gate ferry service today. golden gate buses will be in place but this could be a big headache for commuters for the start of our friday morning commute. i know frank and grace are going to tell you more about that here coming up. >> yeah. we're going to start off with the problem with the commute this morning. a big headache. a surprise strike has shut down the golden gate ferry service between marin county and san francisco. >> anne makovec is in larkspur where extra buses will be available for those commuters. good morning. reporter: the ticket takers and the ticket sellers union, their contract expired about
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4.5 hours ago at midnight this morning which means ferries like the one behind me at the larkspur terminal will pretty much stay put today part of a one-day strike going on from 4 a.m. to 10 p.m. no ferry service between larkspur, san francisco and sausalito. the ticket agents are represented by the inland boats man union upset at the ferry division plan to sell them with automated ticket selling machines. the union says 7 full timers and 4 part-timers will lose their jobs. the bridge district says it's one way to close an $89 million shortfall. >> it's everything from a carpool toll put into place your realtime captioner is earlier this year for $3 to a linda marie macdonald. friday's ferry riders, out multiaxle truck toll increase going into place tomorrow to of luck. the surprise strike forcing reducing staff because the thousands of commuters to machines are more cost- effective and efficient. change their an >> none of the machines work this morning. they all started going down one
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by one so they weren't accepting debit cards and credit cards and the whole system just crashed. >> reporter: that was a passenger you just heard from. many of them are actually supporting the ticket sellers, one of thousands who will be paying more for the ferry service starting tomorrow when ferries resume because fares are going up 5%. today there are going to be some buses replacing the ferry service going from here at the larkspur terminal to the golden gate bridge where you can hop on another bus that will take you elsewhere in san francisco. if you need help planning your commute, i think a lot of people will, call 511 and they are not going to have that bus bridge going from the sausalito ferry terminal so be aware of that, as well. grace? >> grace and i have an idea. just take the day off. [ laughter ] >> start the weekend early. >> i love that idea. >> reporter: it's maybe a little late for me to take part in that, but, hey, can i? >> you know what, anne, you have our permission. >> reporter: okay.
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we can only go a little farther up on the totem pole but yeah, it's going to be a mess. i think your advice would be well taken by a lot of people. we're talking about thousands of people whose commute will be affected by that. >> absolutely. anne makovec in larkspur, thank you. >> it's the holiday weekend. what the heck, thank you. some bay area commuters will be paying more. golden gate bridge district ferry and bus fares all going up today. buses by 5%. and in san francisco, the cost of a muni first pass is $2 a month higher. and cable car rides are now $6 instead of 5. caltrans fares 25 cents more for a one-way trip and a big rig and other multiple axle vehicles are paying more on all bay area bridges. this is the first day of the new fiscal year in california. actually we have a budget in place signed into law yesterday by governor brown. the new budget kicks in today. consumers can now spend a little less when buying things here in the state because a one- cent sales tax increase has
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expired. so the state sales tax has dropped from 8.25% to 7.25%. and that can vary between cities and counties since many of them charge an additional local sales tax. but a good deal today. 4:35 now. it's a shocking revelation from pg&e. the utility says that as many as 14 people may have falsified reports about checking underground electrical facilities. an internal investigation finds that the areas in question are in san francisco, santa clara county and the east bay. the utility launched the investigation in november after receiving a tip from an employee. now, it says that some underground enclosures in santa clara county had not even been opened. the investigation also found that the 23 underground closures which were -- enclosures which were listed as inspected actually weren't. another 50 weren't even opened. in addition to all that, seven enclosures may not have been opened or even properly checked. we'll have a live report on
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this story coming up at 5 a.m. thousands of federal inmates could be getting out of jail sooner than expected. that's after a panel decided retroactively to apply a recent change in an old law, which required a much stiffer sentence for crack cocaine users than for those who had used powder cocaine. many had arranged the law was discriminatory. crack users are more likely to be black while powder is more prevalent among whites. >> it was initially thought that people who did crack cocaine were more violent. it turns out that wasn't true. crack he could pain people just got high -- crack cocaine people just got high quicker. >> last year congress lowered sentences for the use of crack and the u.s. sentencing commission is applying that decision now retroactively. dozens of san jose police officers are now out of work today. their layoffs took effect at the end of their shifts yesterday. 66 had to turn in their guns and their badges with others retiring or going to other
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departments. it was an emotional scene at department headquarters. >> it's been a slap in the face because we made a commitment 2.5 years ago to do the job for 30 years. >> born and raised in san jose and now i can't help the citizens. >> the layoffs are the first in the department's history. they are meant to help reduce that city's big budget deficit. on the flip side, oakland will rehire 22 of the 80 officers who were laid off last year. now, this is part of a budget plan that was just narrowly approved last night. the council was deadlocked at four votes for each two of proposals when mayor jean quan cast the deciding vote for the plan proposed by city council president larry reed. the budget aims to close a $58 million shortfall. and it includes cuts to pay and benefits previously conceded by city workers. you know, today is a win- win because it's not only friday, it's going to be beautiful. it's a three-day weekend. and if you can't tell, we're all in good moods today. >> why are we still here?
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[ laughter ] >> lawrence! >> not for long. >> you guys were already telling us to go home already. hey, i'm with that folks. it's looking like a spectacular day today, whole lot of sunshine, a hint of fog at the coast and that's going to be gone so even beautiful at the beaches. right now 50s and 60s toward concord. 58 degrees in livermore. 60 in san jose. and 55 degrees in san francisco. by the afternoon, we are going to crank up those temperatures. 93 degrees in fairfield. about 91 in livermore. about 86 in san jose. and as you approach san francisco, plenty of sunshine. and 73 degrees. all right. let's get you into the holiday weekend here. it looks like that ridge of high pressure will continue to build in. those temperatures soaring into saturday with the offshore wind. that will keep skies clear even at the coast. temperatures going to be beautiful at the beaches. 60s and 70s. hot 100s though showing up in the valleys as we head into sunday and possibly on the 4th of july but we could see a couple of patches of fog at the coast on the 4th of july.
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we are going to have to watch out for that. otherwise looking like a fantastic weekend ahead, elizabeth. >> those temperatures even cranked up since yesterday. three triple digits in a row. thank you, lawrence. let's go outside show you live look at conditions in the south bay. our photographer set up nice and early as this live picture near the alum rock exit shows. we're cruising on this friday morning. to the maps, there is an as game tonight, heads up. they play arizona at 7:05. right now, these are our live traffic sensors and they are all picking up top speeds from hayward to downtown oakland. our camera is right there near the coliseum. easier to see the headlights this time of the morning so headlights are making their way southbound. if you are getting out of dodge for the holiday weekend, traffic is fine all the way down towards oakland airport towards hegenberger. the bay bridge, looks good. there is some roadwork on the
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lower deck, ongoing roadwork, various lanes blocked until 6:00 this morning. sometimes they tend to wrap that up early. once again mass transit all on time except for the big red bar showing you no golden gate ferry service, again a one-day strike by ticket agents. so bus shuttles will be in place. that is your traffic and weather. back to you. >> thank you. 4:40. hayward police agree with michelle le's family that a recent report about her disappearance is false. both the police and the family deny a san diego tv report that someone used le's cell phone after she disappeared in late may. police say they did go to arizona and reno as part of the investigation but they say neither trip was related to reported phone calls that were placed on her telephone. well, it was body odor apparently that helped catch a flyer who is charged with being a stowaway. he was caught twice in recent days trying to use boarding passes with other people's names on them. the "l.a. times" reports that a flight attendant checked his ticket
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after passengers complained about the man's smell. he was sitting in a seat that should have been empty. today that suspect is due in court. big developments here. the bail for dominique strauss- kahn could be reduced or even lifted. dominique strauss-kahn has been under house arrest since may on charges that he tried to rape a hotel maid. a source tells the "associated press" that prosecutors have questions about the hotel maid's background and her story and that could damage her credibility on the witness stand. one law enforcement official tells the "new york times" that the maid has repeatedly lied since making the allegations in may. sports fans, hate to tell you, but now there are two lockouts in pro sports. what's next after the nba failed to strike a deal. >> plus, a touchdown in the 49ers' bid for a new stadium. the major score bringing in millions of dollars for the project. and it's comedy central's
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funny man campaigning for 2012. colbert's big move and why it's no laughing matter coming up. ,, man: everybody knows you should save for retirement, but what happens when you're about to retire? woman: how do you go from saving to spending? fidelity helped us get to this point, and now we're talking about what comes next. man: we worked together to create a plan to help our money last. woman: so we can have the kind of retirement we want. now, you know how this works. just stay on the line. oh, yeah. fidelity investments. turn here.
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ci arry a new sports facility in oakland is now open after a lot of years in the making. city council president larry reed opened the door yesterday to the east oakland sports center near the coliseum. it has an indoor swimming pool, slide, dance and fitness classes and even karate. reed says it's a dream that he has had for 30 years. it took a decade to raise more than $20 million for the facility including a couple of ballot measures and redevelopment funds. >> a place for the resident of the city to go and enjoy a quality of life that they have not been able to enjoy. >> they are not done yet. future plans include a tennis court and baseball and soccer fields. 4:44 now. it is the biggest victory yesterday for a new 49ers stadium on the peninsula. the 49ers say they have already
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sold dozens of luxury boxes even though construction in santa clara has yet to begin. the team says it has sold a total of $138 million in luxury boxes mostly to individuals, not companies. that money more than doubles the total committed to the project thus far. the stadium is expected to open in 2015 at a cost of nearly $1 billion. of course, they have to play soon we hope. a lockout for the players is now in effect for the nba, as well. a collective bargaining agreement between players and team owners expired at midnight. the main sticking point is a request by players for an average salary of $7 million a year up from the current $5 million. negotiations are expected to resume over the next few weeks. it's a disappointment for thousands on this 4th of july weekend. >> that's right. a lot of bay area communities are canceling their fireworks shows this year. among them robertson park in livermore. the reason for most of those
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cancellations around the bay, the lack of money. livermore, for example, would need $75,000 to put on a display. >> i think it will cause a lot more people to light fireworks in livermore because there's not going to be a show. >> i'm very upset. i have been watching the fireworks since i was little. >> we have no idea what we're going to do. >> safe an sane fireworks are legal in only a few bay area cities. where they are illegal, people are encouraged to watch public displays put on by professionals. we have a complete list of 4th of july fireworks shows in the bay area. just go to >> a lot of towns tightening up their budgets, san jose laying off almost 70 officers. how do you fork out some $70,000 for one night of fun and then a bunch of people lose their jobs. they have to find a nice happy medium there, i guess. >> it's a tough call. 4:46 now.
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we all know it's the start of july. also means a whole new set of laws. what millions of california students will have to prove after today. plus, rabbits found living in filth. the disturbing allegations of abuse against a bay area man and the plea to find them all a home. >> the best and worst fast-food restaurants in america. coming up. it's a big travel day across the country. we are cleared for take-off. sfo looking great. sunshine, about 75 degrees. i don't think we have to worry about any delays there. if you are heading across the country, chicago looking at partly cloudy skies. but temperatures are going to be hot. plan on about 97 degrees there. looking okay if you continue to travel towards new york. we are expecting some sunshine and, well, temperatures a little more comfortable, about 83 degrees in the afternoon. more on your local weather coming right up. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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lawmakers will be back next tuesday to conti there will be no recess
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for the senate next week. lawmakers are going to be back next tuesday to continue working on the nation's debt ceiling. they must strike a deal to avoid a government default and trim huge federal deficits. now, if the borrowing limit is not raised by august 2, the u.s. will face its first default ever. treasury secretary tim geithner says that he is staying put for, quote, the foreseeable future. in the past 24 hours, there has been speculation that geithner might leave his post after the current round of budget negotiations. but last night in front of a live audience in chicago, geithner sought to dampen all that speculation but he did say that he has been commuting back and forth between new york and washington. this is interesting. comedy central's stephen colbert is using a supreme court ruling to rake in some money. the fake newsman has formed a super pact. the federal elections commission says colbert can form the political action committee to raise as much dough as he can for ads for the
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2012 campaign. super pact are a result of last year's ruling that corporation and unions can donate unlimited funds for election campaigns. all right, folks. if you are heading around the bay area, as we get ready for the 4th of july weekend, we have a lot of sunshine coming our way today. already clear in many spots inside the bay and the valleys. just a hend of patchy fog at the coastline. by the afternoon, we are looking fantastic. here comes that sunshine. we are going to crank up the numbers. 80s and 90s inland so getting hot in spots. plenty of 70s inside the bay, 60s at the coast. we are going up from here as high pressure will continue to build in. it looks like these temperatures are going to be near triple digits, maybe just over that throughout the weekend. you get the idea, we are clearing outer skies now. high pressure building in, offshore winds kicking in so a much warmer weekend is in store for this holiday weekend with plenty of sunshine all the way to the coast. today, 92 in morgan hill. 84 in santa clara.
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80 in san mateo. about 63 degrees in daly city. about 66 in half moon bay. east bay numbers going to be some of the hottest around the bay area. 70s in berkeley and oakland. north bay expecting plenty of sunshine and temperatures in the 80s and 90s in many spots inland. 60s at the coach. through the holiday weekend, we have a lot of sunshine coming your way. we are going to crank things up through saturday and sunday. triple digits toward the latter part of the weekend, maybe a hint of patchy fog at the coast on the 4th of july. we'll have to watch that very, very closely. temperatures slow to cool down, really not going to see cooling until we get into the middle of the next week. and by then, we're still talking some mid-90s in some of the warmest spots. by the way, your official channel 54th of july forecast, we are going to see sunny and
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hot inland, big range in temperatures. let's check traffic with elizabeth. >> that's an amazing range only in the bay area, 65 to 100! >> that's right. >> in oakland we have roadwork to tell you about. it's going on at this hour, should be wrapping up here very shortly. but just want to mention various lanes blocked until 5 a.m. on northbound 880 between broadway and 16th avenue embarcadero. traffic is fine past the coliseum. central freeway, we have a camera there, everything looks good. hopefully friday light will continue to be that way for the rest of the morning commute. bay bridge everything is nice and quiet out there right now heading into san francisco. looks pretty good all the way across the upper deck. lower deck has some roadwork towards oakland. golden gate bridge, there are
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cars. couple of cars. [ laughter ] >> not much going on. pretty quiet. we saw one going northbound. but, you know, we do have a big deal. golden gate ferry service, ticket agents on a one-day strike so no service. this could affect commuters getting into city. there is supplemental bus service and regular golden gate bus service operating as normal but you may find extra traffic across the golden gate bridge because no ferry service out of larkspur today. south bay looks great, 280 fine out of downtown san jose. very light there, as well. that's your traffic. back to you. >> i think you need two cars for traffic. [ laughter ] >> i think you're right. i'm not sure one counts. there was one. >> means it's friday light. an oakland man is under investigation for 21 rabbits all found living outside his apartment in filthy cramped
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conditions. a neighbor ended up calling the spca to report the animals. investigators found the rabbits malnourished, crowded into two small cages at an apartment complex near lake merritt. some of them deformed from starvation. >> they knew they didn't have any food or water, it was very hot. so they were just frantic, desperate at the cage, pushing at the cage trying to get to us to get some help. >> animal activists think the rabbits were being prepared for slaughter. 18 are now up for adoption. one of the new california laws kicking in today aims to get whooping cough under control. starting now, students in grades 7 through 12 cannot attend school without proof of receiving a booster vaccine. this is in response to a dramatic rise in the number of whooping cough cases last year. now, we all know that slogan, i'm loving it. >> but it looks like most americans aren't too happy with
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popular fast food chains. apparently, new survey by consumer reports shows mcdonald's got some of the lowest markets only 11% rated their food as excellent. also low marks for food quality were burger king, it kfc and tack -- burger king, kfc and taco bell. which chains do they like? in-n-out burgers, chik-fil-a and mexican chipotle grill. >> my wife loves the in-n-out. although you have to wait forever, down 80 from tahoe, you will be there for 30, 40 minutes. >> for me, extra crispy fries. today britain's royal newlyweds are charge their canadian hosts as they celebrate a national holiday. this would have been princess diana's 50th birthday. last night the duke and duchess of cambridge, william and kate, chatted with people at a reception. today at the a.m. our time -- 9 a.m.
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